spotlightOn : Covers
A cover is the face of a publication. Like your favorite faces, good covers should be unique, sometimes beautiful, always interesting. Covers reveal just enough of a story to make you want to know more. Here is a varied selection from the hundreds of covers we’ve designed for print publishing.
book cover feral house hit girls women punk usa 1975-1983
A history of women's punk in America
book cover process media back to the wild practical manual for uncivilized times
Homemaking in the end times
book cover feral house technological slavery collected writings of unabomber theodore kaczynski
A package from the Unabomber
book cover huqua press fowl play novel in three acts
Literary theatrics
book cover feral house education of an anarchist zerzan
Acclaimed cultural critic's autobiography
book cover or books hate inc why todays media makes us despise one another
Matt Taibbi's critique of MSM
book cover feral house white house call girl real watergate story
The Watergate you didn't learn about
book cover or books a year inside ms-13 uuan josé martínez d'aubuisson
Gangland non-fiction
book cover alternet dangerous brew exposing tea partys agenda take over america
Tea Party in essays
book cover counterpoint press justice failed how legal ethics kept me in prison 26 years
Alton Logan's struggle for justice
book cover feral house resurrections assassinations
Resurrections: reprinted titles of mayhem
book cover process media modern utopian alternative communities 60s 70s
Little commune on the prairie
book cover feral house eugene robinson a walk across dirty water and straight into murderer's row
Eugene Robinson's long-awaited memoir
book cover nicholas brealey intercultural mind connecting culture cognition global living
Cross-cultural philosophy
book cover feral house american hair metal cant get enough
Marshall stacks, Aqua Net, Groupies
book cover feral house opium for the masses harvesting natures best pain medication
"Poppies, poppies, poppies…"
Books make the man
book cover feral house peoples history of civilization
Guns, germs and chickens
cookbook cover huqua press lotus kitchen everyday vegetarian recipes nourish yoga practice inspire mindful eating
Yogic recipes
book cover alternet feast best alternet food stories 2009
Essays on food production
newspaper cover la weekly energy crisis
California energy crisis
Creativity and the brain
magazine cover artillery orange paint
The painting issue
magazine cover mean bardem winter 2007-2008
Javier Bardem with bolt gun
Bi-monthly of the ADHA
Tech and our minds
magazine cover mean mortensen september-october 2005
Viggo Mortensen protests
magazine cover artillery democracy
Art and politics
magazine cover california garden landscape history society eden
Historical gardens
magazine cover mean blunt august-september 2006
Emily Blunt is reborn
A makeover for Artillery magazine
newspaper cover la weekly work photo issue
Photo issue about our jobs
What makes us us
magazine cover california garden landscape history society eden
CA landscaping magazine
magazine- cover mean mcavoy march-april 2007
James McAvoy has a bad dream
Art during COVID