A Handmade Tale

designSimple print work letterpress postcard

Some projects require a more personal touch. Sometimes it’s because the print run is small and doesn’t align well with the economics of professional presses — though with the advent of digital printing, presses have become a lot friendlier to low-quantity jobs. In addition to quantity, there are times when some hand work is necessary […]

Ethos, Pathos, LOGOS!

Inch for inch, pixel for pixel, there is nothing in graphic design that compresses as much thought and meaning into such a small space as a logo does. We’ve designed more logos than I can recall. Many were, in all honesty, just okay. But we do have our favorites, and here are a few of […]

Yarn of the Dead

designSimple book cover the poseur kurt thomas v6

Every graphic designer or design agency accumulates, at some point in their career, cabinets full, or rather, drives full of projects that were going really well until they weren’t. Projects get cancelled, goals shift, and work that seemed good at the time gets set aside or buried. But everything gets a second life, however small, […]

Cabinet of Curiosities

Sorceress movie with Naama Kates, poster by designSimple

Getting asked to do projects that fall outside of our immediate expertise is something that keeps our work interesting here. Thinking back years ago to when I was asked to design my first billboard, I know I was thrilled but also thought, “What the hell do I know about designing a billboard??” And the same […]

Environmental (spaces, not trees)

QT Staffing convention display

I remember the first pieces I ever worked on that were meant to show in public spaces. Nothing fancy, but because I worked at newspapers, I’ve done a lot of rack cards and similar marketing signage. Along with those came event banners, posters, booths and billboards, even a window display at the old Rhino Records […]


designSimple print work literary journal brooklyn review

Some fabulous stories of typography should be arriving at this space in the very near future. Please check back.