LA Weekly Drug Issue

Way back in 2001, the editorial staff of LA Weekly decided to create a special issue dedicated entirely to the topic of nonprescription drugs. I always looked forward to special issues, particularly when I had plenty of warning and a decent budget. Working with then-associate art director, Dana Collins, we began to assign full-page pieces to some of the best image makers we knew. I pushed the whole thing in an almanac/American vernacular direction that let us pack the type in readably, while opening up plenty of art space — by tabloid standards at least. Here are pages from the actual issue…

The cover was painted by guerrilla art god Robbie Conal for the issue.

Catherine Opie’s photograph of performance artist Ron Athey

Artwork: Calef Brown

Alexander (Sasha) and Ann Shulgin photographed by Dean Chamberlain

Photo illustration by me (Bill Smith)

Jordin Isip (left) and Tavis Coburn

Jordin Isip

Brian Stauffer

Chart by Dave Shulman

Marshall Arisman

Jordin Isip

Acid tab pattern by Kaz

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