For Mean magazine.

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I mostly illustrate for publications that I’m art directing. Not always, but usually.
If you’re looking for a fantastic illustrator, feel free to email me. I know several and would be glad to put you in touch. I enjoy illustrating, though, so if you see anything here you like, drop a line.

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Director Chris Nolan for Mean.
Kinda hard to see the fine-line stuff on the web. This illustration relied heavily on the publicity photo I used as source, but I like it just the same.

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Here are a couple black & white spots I did for L.A. CityBeat.

For a news story about the nuclear lovefest between the U.S. and DPRK, aka North Korea.

This was the first submission for that same story, but was killed because I made Kim Jong Il look too much like a cartoon stereotype of an Asian guy, which is kind of ironic, because Kim Jong Il actually DOES look like a cartoon stereotype of an Asian guy. Oh well. I saw their point, and liked the new spot better anyway.

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Another spot for L.A. CityBeat. The subject was a news story about a money/oil scandal between California and Texas.

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A quick cut-and-paste for CityBeat. The topic was nightlife.

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Here are some old ones from when I art directed L.A. Weekly.

A cover illustration for a story titled “My Life in Porn”.

The subject of this illustration is a bit too complex to summarize here. This spot accompanied a book review, and it worked perfectly with the plot. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

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This is a cover that I created for the issue of L.A. Weekly that ran immediately after 9/11. I killed it in favor of a photo manipulation which you can see in the L.A. Weekly section.

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Some old Photoshop compositions done for L.A. Weekly.

Two of many composite covers I created for Best of L.A. issues. The subjects on the left were all L.A. Weekly staff members. The subjects on the right are Bob Odinkirk and David Cross.
I’m pretty sure Kathleen Clark photographed the elements for both of these covers.

I did a bunch of these for an article on the fear of earthquakes. The model is my friend Jacques Olivier who patiently let us glue the tiny props to his head. The cracks were created by photographing torn clay and superimposing the shading onto Jacques head in Photoshop. The color image was used as the cover of that issue. Photography by Virginia Lee Hunter.

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Here’s a cut-and-paste that was a quick solution for a political cover back in the ’80s.
You can view more Weekly covers that I designed/art directed here.

Bill Smith Rube Goldberg illustration

—Bill Smith


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