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Artillery Magazine

Artillery has its roots in the LA art scene and in such venerable art/sub culture magazines as Coagula and LA Weekly. Los Angeles art maven Tulsa Kinney asked us to start designing Artillery in 2008, and I think we’ve come a... Read The Rest →

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Brain World

Brain World magazine is the quarterly publication of International Brain Education Association (IBREA). We have been involved with Brain World since its inception. It had originally been conceived as an in-house publication for members — you can see the first cover... Read The Rest →

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Mean Magazine

2009 saw the end of Mean magazine. Officially Mean is on hiatus, but it’s unlikely that the print version will be resurrected any time soon. Mean and the creative vision of publisher, Kashy Khaledi, lives on in music video projects Cinemash... Read The Rest →

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LA Weekly, Last Pages

No job I’ve held has been as influential on me and my career as the eight years I spent as art director of LA Weekly. The crazy deadlines, the diverse subject matter and the constant collaboration with staff and contributors —... Read The Rest →

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LA Weekly 2003 Comics Issue

I’m proud to say that for the last three years I was at LA Weekly we probably had the best alt-comics coverage of any major periodical in the country. This is the third comic issue I produced for LA Weekly. Once a... Read The Rest →

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LA Weekly Drug Issue

Way back in 2001, the editorial staff of LA Weekly decided to create a special issue dedicated entirely to the topic of nonprescription drugs. I always looked forward to special issues, particularly when I had plenty of warning and a decent... Read The Rest →